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That mob kid

Comissions open. 5 slots.

well i'm opening comissions for a while. cause i'm a poor starving artist and i need the money...thus the poor and starving part =w=. anyway only 5 slots are open due to college and other things. i'm trying to moderate myself.
and i do chibis, and regular full size ones. for examples and some of my good work you can go to My Deviant Art page to see. though and example of chibis can be found in my random doodles that i have posted ^^;;;

$2 for chibi pencil sketches
$5 for full size character pencil sketches

$5 for inked chibi line art
$10 for inked full sized line art
(pens are really expensive now a days >_<)

$10 for inked and colored chibi
$20 for inked and colored full size character art.
(prisma colors are also very expensive >_<)
add $5 extra for copiic colors, since they're more expensive than the pencils, better looking coloring, but they are expensive

All Gaia online commissions are $ if ands or butts about it and i beg, please please keep it simple XP

note: add $2 for every extra character above 2

i require payment first and paid in full. but i am flexible and maybe we can work something out if anyone is short on cash and need time to gather the money up....which would be all of us if we need to work something out then please don't be afraid to email me or hit me up on the IM, i'm on AIM, YIM, and MSN so i am very reachable
all payments must be done through PayPal (i'll send you the information you need so be sure to let me know what you're email is so i can send you the info ^^;;;

remember 5 slots open until next wednesday or other wise filled


now that thats taken care of i'm going to play grand Chase for a little while then get myself a Sonic Oreo Blast with what money i have left, go home and wait for someone to commission me ;__;

laters lots of luff ^___^
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