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with hands held high into a sky so blue as the ocean opens up to swallow you

well yesturday i recieved my minutes to midnight cd by linkin park and got my t-shirt that went with it. the album is absolutly amazing all the songs are just great. i love given up, leave out all the rest, bleed it out, what i've done, hands held high, and the little thingsgive you away. those songs are the best and i love them alot. especially leave out all the rest here are the lyrics for it :

I dreamed i was missing
you were so scared
but no one would listen
cause no one else cared
after my dreaming
i woke with this fear
what am i leaving
when i'm done here
so if you're asking me i want you to know

when my time comes
forget the wrong that i've done
help me leave behind some
reasons to be missed
don't resent me
and when you're feeling empty
keep me in your memory
leave out all the rest
leave out all the rest

don't be afraid
i've taken my beating
i've shared what i made
i'm strong and the surface
not all the way through
i've never been perfect
but niether have you
so if you're asking me i want you to know

forgetting / all the hurt inside you learned to hide so well
pretending / someone else can come and save me from myself
i can't be who you are

i love this song, because i love my friends and i think of them when i hear it. and i hope they think of me too. and if anyone wants this song let me know and i'll put it up for everyone ^_^

also there are only about 8 more days until we reach world's end, stay sharp mates
Tags: linkin park, minutesto midnight, pirates
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