That mob kid (cole_skyheart) wrote,
That mob kid

from here out

or until whenever i feel like it i will be using LJ for only art and posting art commission notices. if i do get into CFUD then i'll be on more but its just going to be art posts and the ocassional "my day went like this this and that" post just to have a small update but other wise, its just gonna be art.

so with that said i'll post a small entry tomorrow about the art and stuff. and remember to comment my previous entry if you want a Halloween chibi or just post to this one. with appearance and outfit on how you want it to look or be. i already have two that i've started on, one for nightmare_chibi and one for a person on my Deviant Art watch list. so don't forget about that, free of charge, but come christmas time i'll post about them again and the first five that i get commented about are free, after them it'll be $2 each. that will be between DA and LJ.

so don't forget about that and what not, so talk to you all later.
Tags: art, commission, stuff
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