That mob kid (cole_skyheart) wrote,
That mob kid

4 days left

alright people there are four days left to get your orders in for Halloween chibis. they are free of charge, but if you want me to send them to you by mail instead of email, i'll have to charge you, $2.00 for the chibi and what ever the shipping would be to send it to where you live. but they are free of charge and shop will be closing on the 25th, so if you want one comment with what you want them to look like for Halloween. i've already completed three out of five chibis and they will go up in their respected places for the people who wanted one on the 31st of October for Halloween.

so don't forget about that. anyway, if you want a fandom then just give me a pic of the character and tell me what you want their costume to be or look like. I've already done Axel from KH2 and Sanzo from Saiyuki ^_^

well thats about it for now. laters all!~
Tags: art, commission, stuff, update
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