That mob kid (cole_skyheart) wrote,
That mob kid

Vol. 7 X's 2!

Well i have Vol. 7 of Saiyuki Reload and have added it to my collection of the greatest manga (in my opinion of course)ever on my book shelf. Also as from the title, I am also on D. Gray-Man vol. 7 in the manga. and damn is it getting good better than the anime, but in the anime you get three of the stories that aren't put into the manga, there could be more, I didn't count sorry lol. New uniforms are awsome ^_^ Lavi's in my opinion is the best ^^

but anyway yeah possibly for the next month and a half or maybe longer I'll be on a Saiyuki, Bleach, D. Gray-Man kick so far three of my favs. and no I haven't lost sight of the oldies but oh so goodies that I used to watch (and still do when ever I can ^_^).

Thats about all for right now actually, I may be back later today with more or something ^_^

Tags: bleach, saiyuki
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