That mob kid (cole_skyheart) wrote,
That mob kid

numero dos XD

alright people i was up all night trying to finish this man and now he's finally done. gojyo! the pain in the butt is done. i was too tired and too darn lazy to color a background or even try to draw that damned shaku jo that he always seems to carry around, and besides, what good would a chain weapon be under water right? too heavy and way too hassle some. and paint hates me so its smaller than i actually wanted it to be even though its still going behind a cut, don't want he LJ moderators to come delete my account for posting topless fish people, but he is done and i have started on Hakkai so he'll be the next one up when i'm done. this is for all gojyo fans and bento so please enjoy, please comment i need feed back people please please please, and if i have done something to anger you or just make you plain mad t me for some reason, please talk it over with me so i can try to correct what i've done so you can comment on my work. thank you and i love you all ^_^.
so with out further ado

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the arms are still frunky but i'm getting better at it. hopefully Hakkai's arms will be a little better, well any way enjoy ~_^
Enjoy ♥

As of later today, I will be going onto my Deviant Art account and cleaning out my gallery. Everything that has not been looked at, favorited, or at least commented on will be deleted and will be never seen again unless someone can convince me to draw them again or put them back up. so if you have any objections to this please IM me over whatever messenger that you use that I'm on too, other wise everything is going in the recycle bin never to be seen again.
Thank you for your time and patience, this has been your Cute Captain.
Tags: art, gojyo, saiyuki
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