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alright everyone listen up. today is the day that my free chibi commissioning for Halloween come to a close. now for all you last minute deals you have until 8p.m. tonight to get your requests in, anything after 8p.m. please see my D.A. journal for more details. the link to there can be found in my profile.

in other news i have obtained free chocolate for taking a stress survey for the new counseling service they'll be giving out here at the college. ^__^ chocolate is ♥

and i just got my money that was owed from my pel-grant and ladies and gentlesmen i will be a proud owner of a PS3 by week's end, so watch for pictures of the pretty new baby that i'll be getting. and I'll also be ordering some rum cake to keep my mom away from my money *mumbles nasty things* she has a bad habit of trying to get money that is rightfully mine and that i earn.

anyway. oct. 3rd. i will have been here at live journal for 3 years. and no i will not give them any money until they get off their little fucking soap box and starting getting things straight.

oct. 14th i will be offically 19 years old and i will be getting my second tattoo, and guess what its gonna be?? the signature lightning bolt from power rangers. just the lightning bolt everything else would look taky, but yes the power ranger's signature lightning bolt will be going on my right arm so i can wear it proudly. yes. i am a dork. and i'm dam friggen proud of it.

oct 31st Halloween chibis will be going up. remember thay will be friends only and i'd say about a week after Halloween they will go onto Deviant Art.

thats all for now

laters all!~
Tags: art, closed, comission, update
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