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I'm from North Florida in a boring little town. Twenty-two and between jobs, and on sabatical from taking classes at the local college, but hoefully to be going into studying for a degree in History and Archeology, or an Anthropology degree. I also live a few days out of the week with my grandparents to help my grandfather take care of my gradmother. I am an avid gamer and love to hang out with my friends, on and off of the all the MMOs and online games that I play. I have a few good friends I am proud to call mine in and out of the USA. Living life to the fullest...at least I'm trying. I am also a proud part of the WWE Universe and love going to see live events and meeting others from the WWE Universe. Everything else is very privaledged information, average in almost everything, and so on. So yeah thats about it really, enjoy!

Unleash Fury

Likes: anime/manga, video games, food, rock music, watching TV, and boys (of course), some samurai animes, most mech animes like Zoids and Gundam, and finally hanging out with my friends because well they're my friends who wouldn't?
Hobbies/Talents: I am a very talented artist and writer, and am confident in both abilities, I also have two untitled stories in the works, that I am very proud of at the moment. I also like to hang out with my friends and read action/adventure and fantasty books, along with mysteries
My Boyfriend is RJ[Power Rangers Jungle Fury]
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